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Reactive or Proactive?

How do you differentiate professional services in the era of change?

Conventional marketing techniques are no longer working. An approach that is used to market a tangible product cannot be replicated for professional services. 

In this episode of ConFuzed we talk about how to actively differentiate and effectively market professional services.

In the world of professional services, clients are often unaware of the reasons why they need those services. The technical requirements of the project and the level of expertise required to connect to business growth are often hard to evaluate pre-purchase.

In this scenario it is best for professional firms to start educating their clients about the services they offer and why it is important for business continuity and growth.

To educate in this instance, means connecting the benefits of the services offered to the challenges your clients are facing.

Rather than persuading a client to take up the services you offer, it is proactively creating the best ecosystem of 'why' the client needs those services and how it will help achieve their business goals.

Experts within professional services industry have tons of knowledge and expertise. However, it is crucial to translate those deep insights into relevant, easy to understand messages and communicate it.

Proactively helping clients evaluate their circumstances and helping them take strategic actions are key to their business growth.

Listen to the entire episode of Proactive or Reactive from the ConFuzed podcast series on:


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