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Being a mentor

Mentors have played and continue to play a crucial part in my journey

I strongly believe being a mentor is an important role that plays a big part in shaping the journey of a marketer.

We all need that outside perspective that helps us nurture our natural qualities as an individual to help achieve our marketing career goals

I am proud to be part of the Australian Marketing Institute’s Emerging Marketers 7 month mentoring program designed to connect senior marketers with Australia’s emerging marketing talent. Mentors help emerging marketers uncover and release the potential a mentee already has to be creative and visionary in their marketing career choices.

As digital and global economy continues to change marketing :

Marketers need support and guidance on how to become self-motivated and take the responsibility to make the difficult career decisions with the aim to do ‘something different’.

I help my mentees to visualise bold career decisions which they may not ordinarily have the confidence to make at the start of their career.


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