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Marketing challenges businesses face in 2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Marketing messages are now dissected, spread in form of status updates, articles, community posts and comments.

Growth is no longer linear. It is exponential due to the influence of online social conversations and the vast amount of information readily available.

Conversation is spontaneous, fast and public. Anyone can read, like and dislike by joining a discussion. Transparency is the new standard of trust.

Communication is multidirectional - both company and customers talk and listen (both are active on social media). Perceptions of your brand are valuable differentiators.

Marketing messages need to be genuine and direct. They have to strike a personal connection with the customer who is trying to find the right solution for their challenge.

Brands have to be not only visible but active 24/7. The lines between personal time and work time are blurred. We are always seeking new information to make any decision and social media recommendations are the first place to rely upon.

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