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Why focus on marketing growth ? Long-term or short-term or ongoing?

In the transition stages of a B2B business from traditional to digital, the focus is on short-term goals and developing the digital footprint quickly. But adapting to the future requires a different attitude than a short-term focus.

How smart brands develop their digital presence?

Smart brands devote time and money in building a collaborative environment that will give them good returns down the road.

Creating a conversational approach is different to the transactional nature of B2B brands. In transactional marketing, there is more importance placed on leads and converting a prospect into a fee paying client as soon as possible. The emphasis is on getting the purchase done. In conversational marketing, an ongoing conversation with the client, taking time to get to know their wants and establishing the solution that can solve their future needs is created. In this way, it is easier for brands to build relationships with clients and customers.

An ongoing marketing strategy includes the ``big vision'' that the business is attempting to accomplish with the marketing campaigns. The foundation of an ongoing marketing strategy typically starts to take shape in six months to a year or further. Long-term goals are achieved through a detailed, coherent marketing strategy that includes short-term wins. When it comes to the ongoing marketing strategy, it is important to note that in the initial period the results of brand awareness might be slow or confusing. But the initial investment in creating a sustainable marketing strategy pays off.

Take this moment to think if your marketing outcomes are part of your vision. If they are not, then you have no choice but to look at your current marketing strategy and make the changes necessary to achieve your ongoing business goals.

Content is a really crucial part of ongoing marketing and is what keeps brands current.

It isn't something you make and allow to fizzle out. Creating valuable content is must for B2B businesses, as long as their program is consistent and — more importantly — the message is topical and crucial to their target audience, and provides useful advice.

How long to sustain the B2B marketing program? Your business doesn't have a start or stop. You provide ongoing services to your clients and your marketing strategy should reflect that as part of the future growth of your business. For example, if brands just invest in standard marketing on an short-term basis, they miss out on industry changes or are unable to adapt and respond to trending topics.

Both long-term and short-term marketing strategies are different, but they impact each other. For instance, successful short-term marketing strategy will determine the long-term marketing purpose, and a successful long-term marketing strategy will help the brand fulfil short-term goals. The focus has to be on ongoing marketing activities that helps your business to achieve incremental growth in the future.

What is your current marketing strategy? Are you using it as a means of staying relevant and keeping up with future growth?

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