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Social media presence
How to build social media presence over a period of time

Professional services firms that are able to take up a continuous approach to building their social media presence are at an advantage.

Effectively marketing professional services today require brands to be active on multiple channels. The need for an integrated approach not only in how services are marketed but also in how those services are delivered to clients, is crucial.

Service brands that have mastered the art of building a real brand presence on social media have five key things in common:

1. Moving fast based on strategic inputs from external experts and leaders internally within the business.

Service brands that are being active on social media have a planned and organised approach to how they will shape their conversation on digital channels. Each strategy is inter-connected within and plays an important role in shaping their brand's reputation. There is an 'uncommon' team alignment between the business leaders and specialist experts outside the organisation.

2. Running small experiments.

To transition from a traditional business model or to exist in an industry that has pre-digital methods embedded at the core of their strategy, is scary.

Change is sudden. A brand needs focus to adapt to the change. By running small experiments and making quick adjustments in their strategic approach to social media helps a brand to remain relevant.

3. In a mode of 'continuous growth'.

Continuously monitoring and tweaking what they share on digital channels helps forward thinking brands to be involved in growth. Service brands need to have an understanding that their conversation with their clients has to be continuous. A perpetual client journey helps professional service brands to provide a unique service which is relevant at each stage of their client's business.

4. Inbuilt transparency.

A transparent approach helps build trust. When professional firms have a ongoing dialogue and are sharing their experiences and learning from experiments there is a sense on belonging. Being open about mistakes and taking risks and trying new approaches helps brands to show their human side.

5. Setting realistic expectations.

To reach a stage of digital sophistication brands need to invest their resources by focusing on core strengths of their service. This requires dedicated effort and a commitment to move fast on many digital channels. Building a digital community, where clients or people who would like to know more about the services you offer, share ideas or feedback takes time.

Increasingly, to compete professional service brands will need easy to understand social media messages and compelling digital offerings that help their clients to take action.

The ConFuzed Show focusses on why marketing professional services is so confusing, how to deal with constant change, future growth and staying relevant.

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