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Consistency in marketing

The most evident benefit of a well integrated brand presence is brand acceptance.

Marketing campaigns should seek to be instantly recognisable by their target audience. Brands that are consistent in their marketing efforts create a strong link between their core messages and values and the visible presence of the brand.

Additional benefits of an integrated brand include: evoking positive emotions – when a business attaches brand consistency to constructive emotions (through carefully-crafted words and visuals), people can start to associate those positive emotions with the brand. When done correctly, those emotions are finally provoked with exposure to the content and credibility of that brand, whether or not those positive emotion-evoking messages and visuals are there. This means relevant exposure to the brand will create trust, and trustworthy brands are more likely to get to the purchase stage.

What is the underlying feeling you want to convey with your website, marketing campaign or social media messages? Credible brands have been able to take these emotions by systematically making sure their message matches their business values and mission in every phase of communication. If a brand is consistent with emotional purpose, it will determine the audience and organic growth of the business.

Effective marketing is crucial and logical. When the business presents itself systematically across various marketing channels, it builds brand recognition.
Traditional communications included word of mouth marketing in B2B markets, while social media and digital presence are now taking over.

Content marketing campaigns are also strengthened by being consistent in their core message. Brands create best results over the long-term and by pursuing their target market audience when possible. Once this is in place, using ongoing organic growth strategies help establish brand voice and re-engage clients.

There is no need to get a complex content plan to get started with. All a business needs is an open- mindset and a willingness to try a different approach that can help get the benefits of coherent content marketing. When starting with content marketing a business needs to spend great amount of time to create a strategy that can have long-term benefits. You can measure the increase in comments, engagement, views and interactions but these benefits will reach a higher level with good ongoing marketing practices.

It's important to understand that your goal is not simply getting more traffic or sales, it's also to build trust with your audience.

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