Marketing Aged Care services

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We are in a digital-first world, as a service provider in the aged care and retirement sector your digital content is a reflection of who you are, what services you provide and why the level of care your business provides is different from other providers.

Creating and maintaining ongoing digital presence is the most common challenge faced by Aged Care Service providers.

Discover how to build your social media presence 

At 108Marketiser, we help Aged Care Service providers to build their digital presence with a combination of simple, engaging visual and written content to get your message out to your audience.


Create and share content that sets the service you provide apart from other service providers. Identify key themes and topics.


Meet demands of an increasing ageing population by sharing the benefits of the services you provide 


Reuse existing content and help expand your message reach by reshaping a single piece of content into multiple formats


Understand what the needs of your target audience are based on their preferences


Creating and planning
12 months of your content proactively with weekly posts customised  for the right digital channel


We work with you and build a incremental marketing strategy based on your business goals.

It's not selling,


Time period: 12 weeks

During the CORE Strategy sessions, we set the stage for building a connected digital presence of your Aged Care business.


One that solves a specific business challenge, not just looks good.

WHY >> WHO>> are you trying to engage and why they might want your services.

 >> WHERE are important, but secondary

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