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Looking to shape your 
marketing career with
smarter decisions?


You are driven to transform your ideas into reality and ready to take steps to make it happen.


How we collaborate

Delighted to be recognised as a ‘Certified Practicing Marketer’ (CPM) by Australian Marketing Institutebased on professional marketing experience and qualifications. 

Products and services have changed around us, as well as our roles as #marketers. We now wear many hats - business minds, creating and publishing, future thinkers, #ideas creation and execution specialists.

#Marketing is now a combination of both left and right sides of the brain to get in-depth insights about a #business. We are helping to market #digitalfirstservices/products and creating #conversation driven digital #communities. The most exciting part of being a new-age marketer is being able to think of what’s possible and #makingithappen.

#continuouslearning has become a part of our professional lives and as a CPM I look forward to attending workshops, seminars and self study, to continue expanding my #skillsets.

Nurture you natural qualities as an individual to help fulfil your marketing career goals

Support you to release the potential you already have, to be creative and visionary in your marketing journey

Bypass traditional marketing career definitions 

that can get in your way of driving ahead

Understanding how high self-esteem and low ego can set you apart from the traditional marketer profile

Knowledge  Skills     Experience  

 Market yourself   Social Media

Digital content    Collaborating and networking    Your ideal role


I advise upcoming

marketers on how to differentiate themselves

As digital and global economy continue to change marketing :


I help marketers who are self-motivated and take the responsibility to make the difficult career decisions with the aim to do ‘something different’.


I help you to look past inherent unconscious biases which we as marketers think of as our safety nets at times of uncertainty and perceived risk.


I help you to visualise your bold career decisions which marketers may not ordinarily make.

What we 


Marketers have the ability to shape their career choices and thrive in the right environment.

What we


We help individuals to shape their marketing careers by helping them discover what sets them apart and the skills required to get comfortable with change.

Why marketing mentor?

There are a variety of mentoring programs offered; however none of them focus on marketing careers. 


Marketers are a different breed; creativity and traditional KPI's are often mismatched and poorly understood in organisations. 


Marketing has changed.


People who work in marketing have a variety of roles to choose from. To get ahead, you must define which specific positions you see yourself in and strategically pursue that role.


Who we

work with

Early career marketer

Mid-career marketer

Graphic Shapes


01/19 - 01/23



New marketers in organisations need help in navigating their way through a new workplace (much like an extended orientation), learning about the company’s history, culture and prime objectives, values, and priorities, and translating the unwritten rules. As an undergraduate looking for an entry-level job, mentoring is all about navigating different work options and career pathways. Having a mentor can improve your self-esteem and confidence to choose and apply for jobs. It can also help prepare you to interact with senior leaders and understand the different skills and experiences employers are looking for.


$250 per week

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01/19 - 01/23

The middle phase of your career often coincides with the need to upskill. Maybe you’re preparing for a career transition or looking to develop people and relationship skills to complement the technical skills you’ve honed?

Whatever your situation, it’s likely your mentoring needs have evolved. A mid-career mentor can help you develop your relational skills, expand your industry networks, and refine your career direction. They can also help you become savvy to workplace dynamics and share insight into what it takes to be a skilled business leader or manager.

High-potential marketers benefit from mentoring assistance to ensure their potential within the organisation is maximised and retained. 


$500 per week

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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